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Hotel safety instructions and measures | COVID-19

We make decisions and make our choices every day. The choice is not always easy or correct and has its consequences. Today we all have to be extremely responsible in choosing our family vacation and leisure. Maybe the time has come when everyone needs a break from the vanity, pace and stress of the world we live in. Maybe the time has come when everyone should "VACATION RESPONSIBLY"! Today, we ask ourselves: Vacation or not? Sea or mountain? Hotel or villa?

What is safer for me and my family? Why not all this in a careful assembly of services away from the hustle and bustle? A long-dreamed forest tale, combined with sea breeze, Golden Sands and unforgettable memories for the whole family!
Nowadays, our team has put our focus on one main task – the combination of comfort and safety for our guests!

Covid-19 Prevention Measures

Stay Safe

To ensure the safety of its guests, Boutiqe SPA Hotel Orchidea will take the following precautionary measures in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria:

- Placing Plexiglas at the reception, bars and restaurant;
- Having breakfast and dinner outdoors;
- Arranging the tables with outdoor seats in a way that provides a distance of not less than 1.5 between them and not more than 4 persons at one table or per family;
- Wearing helmets, gloves and masks by the hotel staff;
- Regular disinfection of all common areas in the hotel;
- Placing disinfectants in places accessible to guests;
- Providing masks for hotel guests;
- Requirement to observe a distance of 1.5 m between the hotel guests;
- Registration at the reception of more than 2 guests at a time is not allowed, unless they are members of one family;
- Daily disinfection of the guest rooms;- Ventilation of all common areas and guest rooms;


We spent time and attention, invested a lot of passion, complied with the current situation and as part of our program for prevention against COVID - 19, we created an exclusive package of services called "Do it yourself". Surprisingly pleasant combination between luxury and comfort of a 4-star vacation and a package with an independent form of nutrition - "Do it yourself". We achieved this harmony by separating one of the most pleasant and picturesque places from the forest territory of the hotel and provided it with everything you need for your personal and family comfort: Privacy through an individual area of ​​the yard (family table) on a terraced plot. Individual mobile barbecue for each table, plus refrigerated display cases with a temperature of 3 to 7 C, electricity, water, individual sterile utensils and tablecloths, we provide all the necessary food on site as well as charcoal.
Guests will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of meats and vegetables to be prepared and flavored to their liking.
If you find peace in a pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by nature in the company of your relatives and friends, the BBQ restaurant of Boutique SPA Hotel Orchid is the perfect place for you.

Summer BBQ

"Do it yourself" Package

Enjoy the BBQ restaurant, where you will find salvation from the hot summer days, under the colorful shade of the trees, feeling the sea breeze with hints of freshly roasted meat and closeness to nature.